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Here's a shout out to Pratibha Patil

Because she is the first female president that India has ever seen.

Because at 72 she is a wonderful example to women everywhere that intelligence and hard work can make any dream possible.

Because she represents the future power of all women in this world.

Because maybe, just maybe, my own country can learn something from her and realize that a woman's place is not always beside a man but sometimes out in front leading many of them.

Because I have been planning to visit India to further my yoga studies and now with her at the helm I am more determined than ever to do so.

Because I am proud to be a woman today. I am proud to my bones.

Be peace, my sister. Be peace!


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Okay - but question - wasn't Indira Prime Minister? So which is "more important?" Is one ceremonial and one not so much or have they replaced Prime Minister with President. Sorry my ignorance is showing.


There was, in fact, a female Prime Minister but this is the first time a woman has taken on the presidency. I do think some view her role as more of a ceremonial one and traditionally the role of Prime Minister has been the more powerful one, but I believe that she has the ability to have a real impact on the people of India. I am hopeful...

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