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Photo shoot me

I have just started a photo shoot marathon, am home from working a 10 hour day, and won't come up for air until Thursday. I have another photo shoot marathon starting on Sunday. I am one tired little tutu...

I am taking a vacation, thank you! As soon as things die down I'm on a plane with visions of handsome men bearing wine and chocolate dancing in my head.

Wherever shall I go?


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My goodness! You deserve a holiday! I predict... that good things are going to come your way, and that you will end up in Paris.


Oh, Paris makes me sparkle. I come alive when I am there!


I'm thinkin' Paris too :-) I think that's where you need to be! Though hopefully there will be at least a little stopover in London!


Chocolate dances? ;D - So Paris huh? When r u thinking?

If not Paris~ then London. Or maybe Paris and London!


I was hoping to get away for my birthday at the end of September, but due to some big events coming up it's looking like I'll have to take my break late August/early September.

I am open to many places, but Paris would be sublime!

Hi Kathy I am your slow travel neighbor from Santa Monica.
I love your blog!


Thanks, Leonora! It's always nice to have a fellow traveling chick next door. ;-)

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