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Luck of the Irish

Some of you know that I applied for my Irish citizenship well over a year ago. I then received a letter telling me that I had to provide two additional documents, this after already waiting a full bloody year!

When I submitted said additional documents the women from the Irish Consulate in San Francisco assured me that I would not have to wait months to get my citizenship. Yeah, and that was back in February...

Well, I’m just off the phone with another woman at the Consulate and have been told that I have been APPROVED! She said I am in the queue to get my certificate and it will arrive in 4 weeks. That means I am four weeks away from being a dual citizen with Ireland. That means that once I get it I can apply for my Irish passport (another couple of months wait I'm sure) and then I'll be able to move about the world as member of the European Union. It means I will be able to move to Europe and live and work there legally.

It means I will have more options.

I am so digging my Irish roots today.


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Yay!! That's wonderful news Kathy! Yes, you will have so many options, and such an incredible world to discover ... see ya here soon! Just wait until you get that little red passport. Great feeling! The feeling of freedom, of new possibilities, of a whole wonderful world that opens up, that's waiting just for you! We'll toast with a pint -- or two. Or three. Okay, well, maybe since you're Irish, we'll have a Bailey's. Or two. Or ten. ;-)


Make it hard cider and you're on!


ewwww. But okay!


I got hooked on the "cidre" in Paris. I was thrilled when I found out some pubs have it on draft here in the US as I'm not a beer girl. It is the perfect substitute for us non-beer drinking ladies.


That's freaking awesome, Kathy! Ooo I'm so jealous. I want Irish roots or insert random country here so I can be EU. Lucky dog.


Welcome in Europe sister!


That's okay -- it'll leave more Bailey's for me ;-) Welcome to this part of the world!

Congrats Kathy! This is great news!!


I am suddenly meeting Irish people here in LA. I think this is all happening for a reason.

Thanks for the support!

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