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Irish eyes are smiling

I came home today to a Fed Ex envelope containing a certificate from the Consulate General of Ireland in San Francisco. What does it say, you ask?


It took a year and a half and a lot of work, but it was worth it. I'm applying for my Irish Passport next.

I am an Irish chick, haven't you heard?


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Crikey! I mean, begorrah! So do we now call you "Kathleen"?



That's Katherine Mary Elizabeth to you!


Don't you just love getting that kind of mail?! That will feel pretty neat the first time you go to Ireland as a citizen. You'll get a different feeling when your feet touch those shores and you breathe that air! You'll be saying "That's MY air, the air that's MY blood."


Maria, I haven't been to Ireland since I was a little girl! I think I'll have to plan a trip within the year.

Say, what if I make a stop in Edinburgh as well? I happen to know someone who is thinking of moving there, you know...


Hey I bet planes fly back and forth from Edinburgh to ... well, places in Ireland!

And boats too! Well, boats don't fly, of course, but, you know what I mean. Trains and boats -- oh wow what things can happen on trains and boats ;-)

Congratulations! It is great that you were able to get through the red tape and get this done. well done Katherine Mary Elizabeth!


May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back ...



Hey, thanks you guys! I really appreciate the support.

I am thinking of moving to Europe for a while within the next couple of years. With my Irish Citizenship in place I can now do so as member of the European Union. I can actually live and work in any EU country legally now. I am a woman who has nothing but options now.

Some things are just so worth the wait!


So, KME, are we now toasting with Guinness instead of Prosecco? Congratulations, option abounds, do love options.


You are so LUCKY.
Guess it's the luck of the Irish. If you adopted me, would that make me Irish too?



Girl, I would if I could! I am a lucky little Irish chicklet indeed.

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