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Now I breathe...

I'm done with four straight days of photo shoots (at the kitchen by 6.15 am for breakfast prep), site inspections, and cocktail receptions for film screenings. I have loaded and unloaded vans, driven said vans (totally fun!), worn khakis and white tees only to turn around and throw on something utterly fabulous and elegant to then throw on jeans to do a walk thru on the beach for an upcoming party I'm overseeing. I have new muscles that I catch myself admiring in the mirror every now and then when I walk past one. I am turning into a buff little girl.

Now, until Saturday when I have a little soirée in house for a private client, I am DONE. I have two days to rest, get a mani/pedi, a massage, and take a day to lose myself in Little Tokyo where I will pretend I'm in Japan and eat nothing but Japanese food and buy little tidbits for my place like ceramic cat food dishes that are so divine and sweet and only something like $1.50 each.

Happy me!

Next week it all begins again. I have three straight days of on set catering for a photo shoot and it’s a group I really like. I actually look forward to it all beginning again. You see I have a plan to leave LA some day soon and move on to the next stage of living life fully so I am committed to working my tail off to make that happen. I have a dream...

I have to admit that I am enjoying this hard work. I am trying something new and working a different part of my brain. I am just completely digging this balance of elegant boss woman and onset catering girl wearing the apron and setting up buffets and making smoothies.

I can do anything now.

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I have this postcard in my kitchen too..
watch out for us!

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