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And on the seventh day she chilled

I've had a long week. I spent yesterday working in the dirt at a gig I did in the park and even after a bath I still have dirt embedded feet. I screwed up my fabulous pedicure in the process. Now that just pisses me off!

Wearing ballet flats whilst playing in the dirt? Maybe not so smart. My shoes are now in shoe rehab recovering from a dirt overdose. So sad...

And I won't tell you about the incident involving my favorite green bag (the one EVERYONE pines over) yesterday on the job and that I now have to check said bag into bag rehab after a major pesto overdose. Not talking about it!

So, I'm chillin' today. I will be assuming my favorite position on le couch and zoning out on DVD's. I'm sure I'll get in a meal with a friend at some point today, but for now I'm in Zen mode. I'm cruising eBay looking for some new hot shades and I might even lose myself in some Target shopping later today. I get a perverse thrill picking out toilet paper, paper towels and household products. It takes so little to float my boat.
I'm such a kooky creature.

I'm thinking a little seated meditation is in order. I need to shake off the funky jiu-jiu and pave the way for whatever's coming at me next.

Om Namah Shivaya Gurave...


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No no no! talking's *good* for the soul! You can't keep it bottled up inside, yeah, because then it just sits and ferments and all, until it just comes *busting* out in bad ways.

I'm lovin' the photo. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to be THAT relaxed?! He's found a serious zen place!

Oh that pic's a hoot! What a way to start my day!

Re: the green bag. Noooooooo!!!!!!!


Calvin Klein, butter soft leather, worn in just right - THAT'S my bag. Once it's been checked into bag rehab I am arranging supervised visits. How long does it take a bag to get off pesto?


hope you enjoyed your day - sounds perfect


Kristina, I did!

It turned out to be an utterly blissful day.

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