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Stupid people

I know I am shamefully intolerant of stupid people. I know I should try and be kinder and gentler and more forgiving of their ridiculousness. I should be more accommodating when they pontificate and blather on so. Bad wicked me.

And yes, you know the people I'm talking about...

They are the ones who ask questions that are so insane you know there must be an alien hidden deep within them somewhere. The ones that have nothing at all interesting or amusing to say and yet demand you follow their blogs, read their books or come to their parties so you can be subjected to more stupid people. And the ones that can't seem to step out the door without incurring some crazy drama or hurting themselves and seem to always be in need of supervision or, well let’s face it: another swig of whatever they were just drinking.

Oh, and the worst ones, that ones that have become very tricky with their stupidity, are the ones who sneak in right when you are in the process of resetting your stupid people detector and in that five minutes you aren't protected you turn around to find them pecking away at your liver like rabid crows. Slippery little suckers!

These poor dear clueless creatures. I really must work on being more tolerant of them.


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Oh my God, have you hit the nail on the head! Good on you for speaking your mind.

I have one to add - the ones who make FOUR typing errors in one and a half lines of drivel they post on the Internet.

God save me from people like these - please!




Please make it stop.
Please make it go away.
I want that shirt.
I need that shirt.

I want the shirt too. Now.


Don't make me come out there and kick your nearly but doesn't look it cuz she has good genes 42 yr old butt :)
referring to your "brattyness" on ST..just kidding. Them's just jokes, baby.

I have always said there needs to be an attachment for the phone so that when you get the unfortunate opportunity to talk with a complete moron you can let them know how much they are annoying you with pre-recorded sounds.



I have an imaginary delete button that I hit every time I come across one of them. And I have become friends with the "ignore" feature on Slow Travel. It's a beautiful thing. ;-)

I think that I'd feel a whole lot better if I was able to tell one foolish person what I thought of them a week. Why keep that bottled up inside?

Perhaps the more frightening creature is the stupid person who is convinced of their brilliance (as compared to the rest of us who know our limitations).

Run for the hills!

The worst part is if you HAVE to deal/interact with them and even worse if it is more than once and totally THE killer if it is an ongoing relationship!

I am going to start a "wicked rants" category on my blog. You have only one entry in this category Kathy. That must mean that you are a very patient person ;->

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