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Antigua Guatemala

As some of you know I will be heading out to Antigua Guatemala in about two weeks time. I am very eager to get there as the more I read about it, the more enchanted I become. I am also in desperate need of some quality me time and I plan on doing some yoga, writing, and truly contemplating my life as I know it. I feel big changes coming on. There is this new me growing inside that is starting to make some movement...

Here is a video I came across on YouTube that I thought I'd share with you. Antigua is calling my name. I can't explain it, but I know I am meant to go there. I am a woman who always tries to honor her instincts.

I already have my first couple of nights booked at Hotel Casa Cristina for a fabulous $27 a night and I have a deluxe room that looks out over La Merced church with views of the volcano. Happy Me!

Enjoy the video. The music alone is worth it.

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The video reminds me of the years in the mid 70's when we lived in Mexico, although it was weird to see a cell phone on that guy's hip. We couldn't even afford a regular phone back then!

It will be a lovely sojourn, I'm sure. It seems so peaceful.




Yes, I think it will be as well. I am really open to wherever the day takes me once I get there. I look forward to days getting lost and wandering into cafes to have a drink and do some journaling.

All of those photo shoots did prove to be as stressful as you remember them. It was a lot of work for little appreciation in the end. That said, I am happy I worked so hard. It will make my trip all the sweeter...

I'm so enjoying following your trip planning. It's all fascinating!

I dig that music!!!


Angie, I dig it too! I believe it's Cuban and I am determined to find out who it is. I can't hear it without dancing to it.

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