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Long couple of days running a very cool event. I got to play at Chanel this week and I have to say I kind of dig those cats. I was given a very nice quilted black eye mask for sleeping that has those fabulous little C's on it. I'll be the super stylish chick in coach flying the overnight flights from here on out. This little baby is sweet!

I spent the last two days in Coco Chanel and I think I'd like to treat myself to some eventually (the parfum not the cheap eau de toilette). I don't generally like perfume but this was really nice on me.

My dad actually got Coco Chanel for me as a gift when I was younger. I've been missing him a lot lately. I think wearing it these last two days made me feel sort of nostalgic and tender and comforted. It really is funny how a scent can affect you, you know?

Now that I'm done with events for the week I'm going away tomorrow to meet a friend down in La Jolla. I've never been so it will be a nice treat. I need a couple of days of relaxation and some quality down time with a friend I haven't seen in two years now. She's in from Chicago and we plan on drinking wine, catching up and just doing some good old fashioned connecting.

I am so ready for my trip to Guatemala at the end of the month. I crave it like chocolate.

Actually, make that chocolate and Coco Chanel...4b_1_b.JPG

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I love Chanel, n 5. It is my favorite. Only once did I break down and get the perfume. That was at the Bon Marche when I first came to Paris to meet my new man. You are so right. The perfume is incredible compared to the eau du toilet.

CHOCOLATE! You said the "c" word!
I wear Chanel #5 - and hey, it reminds me of my mom. :) Yes, I find it comforting.

Oh I can just see you on a plane wearing that. What a hoot! Picture please. Go learn to work the self timer!


I love to hear stories of women celebrating their femininity. You two lovely girls have very good taste!

Angie, I think it's fabulous that you bought yourself some Chanel #5 when you moved to Paris to be with your love. That seems so perfect somehow.

My birthday is next month so I see Chanel in my future. :-)

I've come back to reread this, this morning, and I can actually smell Chanel #5 as I read!

I used to wear Coco Mademoiselle... So elegant!
It is my best parfume ever. So irresistible...

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