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Girls' night out in La Jolla

What a perfect evening I had last night. I had dinner with my friend Nancy, who was in from Chicago, down in La Jolla at Sante Ristorante and we spent the night eating great Italian food, telling tales and drinking a sweet little Chianti. I had Spaghetti Carbonara, which has been my fave since I was a small girl, and let me say it was done just right. It wasn't creamy, had the most divine pancetta in it, and I had my little cheese man who cometh grate me up loads of delicious parmesan cheese to top it off. I left nothing on my plate. Fabulous...

I actually met Nancy in Paris three years ago and we've been dear friends ever since!

Good friends, good food and good wine. Ain't life grand?


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Ah, I love me some spag carb. Did they serve an egg in yours? There is a yummy place here in Austin called Vespaio that has the best spag carb. You must go there if you are ever in town. In fact, call me and we can go together ;) duh.

So, I had an audition today. I am finally getting better at not being a nervous freak beforehand. I did find my nerves growing the longer I was in the room. By the time I got to the third scene my voice was shaking a bit. I hate that..especially when I'm slating and I can feel my lip quiver and I'm thinking **** I bet they see that on camera. And then I'm totally screwed. Thankfully that didn't happen today :)
Crap writing though. Seriously, how do these people get funding?!?!


Thank you so much for putting that photo up ... even though it makes me miss Kim, it just absolutely reminds me of she and I and the myriad of dinners we went to. Sitting across the table close like that, two huge glasses of wine just like that, and lovely smiles of friendship and enjoying the company!

It sounds like a wonderful evening, and much needed!


Maria, it was a wonderful evening. Time with dear friends that we have missed is priceless...

Kristi, Reading your very detailed off the cuff vent about your audition reminded me why I gave up acting. Crazy making!

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