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Giving thanks

It is Sunday, the day of rest and giving thanks.

My blog has been up and running for about a month and a half now. I realize I've had well over 2,000 viewers in that time! I am seriously humbled that people find what I have to say remotely interesting. I live in my head so much it's nice to know I have a few people out there who want to hear what's percolating up there.

But hey, I surely dig the support. This whole blog thing is turning out to be a truly wonderful experience. Thanks to my cats over at Slow Travel for egging me on and lighting my fire. A special thanks to Kim (the chick who's bringing sexy back to biking) for stepping up and letting me break out of the box and create something a bit different and so very ME.

Thanks to my girl Leslie for being a kind and lovely spirit and a totally fabulous blog mate (and wicked good fun). Have you seen her blog Kaleidoscope yet? All of those amazing pictures of Italy can't be missed!

To the Sicilian in London I say this: Thanks for the support, girl.
Always forward...

Say, have you checked out Slow Travel? Good things happening over there. It's where those in the know go to bounce around trip planning ideas. It's where I go to play.

I bow to you for taking interest in me. I will keep at it, I give you my word...

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Thanks for sharing your world with us :-)


Really enjoy your blog -You are an interesting person and a lovely articulate writer xxx


Thank you, lovely ladies. Your kind comments are much appreciated!

It's all about the support to me. In fact, I find that it can make or break it. Without your kind support, it would have been a lot harder. Thank you for being there to listen and to help me work out some answers to my questions, and for really, really making it fun for me! Having someone willing to share, and to be there for you - my gosh that's a great feeling!


I couldn't agree more...

Say, aren't you going to Dubai for a short break on your way to Italy next month? I think that's very cool!


aw shucks - as always, my pleasure!

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