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The simple way to Guatemala

I am not over planning nor over thinking my trip to Guatemala. I bought myself these two books and that's it. The rest I'll figure out when I get there.

Frommer's Guatemala- Fabulous book with clear information that hits the spot. Nothing too heady or fussy. It's my kind of guide book.

Lonely Planet's Latin American Spanish - The only phrase book I need. It has the basics, is really wonderfully easy to read, is small enough to carry around and it has some of the most hilarious phrases in the romance section you can imagine. It's informative and damn funny!

I am taking the most important thing of all with me, of course. It keeps the fire lit and the good stuff flowing.

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My first ever guide book was from Frommer's. I used it for the first three Italy trips and then still referred to it for the next couple.
Then I bought a Lonely Planet.
Now I mainly just use Slow Travel. Even when they don't have any information on the country I am going to, a kind soul, (thank you Colleen!) will still look out for me, and will send me an article. And lovely Kim put me onto a member who had just visited a country I am excited about going to.
Guide books - all part of the planning process - like buying that travel kettle, hey!


Lonely Planet was always my choice. It seemed geared more towards the solo, independent traveler on a budget, and seemed to give good advice for reasonably priced, safe hotels. Also, it was more for the "non-slow" kind of travel as well, as we don't always have time for weeks spent in vacation rental or to buy a home for a year ;-)

Anyway -- who was the ones that used to do "Europe on $5 a day"? Was that Frommers? I remember that one.

Kathy, did you get the photo from, say, a shirt? That is so me -- I'd love that on a shirt!



I couldn't have said it better myself. I'd rather be a creative traveler than a spoiled one who spends loads of money on things I don't need just to be able to talk about them and on places that are over priced just to keep up with the Joneses. That's not my idea of living!

There really is no one right way to travel. The most important thing is to just get out there and travel, however you choose to do it. The world is waiting...


Okay - so I have to admit it; I had to look on google maps to find out where the heck Guatemala is. Yes, I know bad, ignorant American, but now that I know - location seems cool. So will this be a total beach vacation? Other activities you're thinking of? Just totally winging it? Man, wish I could do that.


Hey Kim,

No beach on this trip as Antigua is inland. I'll be exploring the city and just seeing where the day takes me. I have no set plan and a week or so to play. It really is an adventure for me!

Sounds cool; can't wait to read about what you discover - it's a totally unknown location to me.

Hi Kathy,
when are you flying? That hurricane Dean hopefully won't bother your trip.



I'm off next Monday. I'll miss this hurricane, but there will be some rain. I can live with that. I happen to absolutely love walking in the rain.

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