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I am here!

I arrived in Antigua yesterday and am settling in nicely. I am just back from a little Italian restaurant where I had pizza, red wine and aqua mineral. I LOVE my little hotel, Casa Cristina, and may stay there the entire trip. My room is on the top floor and has the most breath taking views of the volcanoes. Yesterday I napped to the sound of a monster thunder and lightning storm that came through and it was nothing less than heavenly to hear the sound of mother nature expressing herself whilst I slept. I am happy here... truly.

My room with a view

I have been to some of the local markets and bought two wonderful native blankets for my bed. I have already learned to barter and got them down from 600 quetazles to 300 which means for these two glorious blankets in the most brilliant colors I paid about $39. Happy little me. This is what the owner of my hotel said she paid for hers. I am already becoming a local!

I begin my day by walking two doors down to Fernando's Kaffee where I get the best caffe latte. I have met some very cool people here and I love that I have no set plans and just wake up to see where the day will take me. So far, so good. I am at peace here. My senses are awakened and I am adjusting to a land that speaks a language I have yet to learn. I will...

More to come!


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Good to hear you arrived safely and are enjoying yourself. I'm off in a few hours but will check back with you (assuming my Internet works), during the week. Enjoy!


That's your view?? Wonderful!

I'm so happy to hear what a glorious time you're having! It sounds like it was just the thing you needed. From having seen some pictures of Antigua, I can imagine what you're talking about, walking to the cafe and the market.

Can't wait to hear more about the peaceful feeling you get there, and what it is about the city that's awakening the senses! I imagine it's the landscape, the volcano, and just the place itself. Keep having a memorable time!


Well hey, so happy that you are there and happy to be there. And here I am at work, creating a teacher's blog, so laugh away. I think we need to visit Guatemala, really I do.


- I thought that that blog entry was extremly high level writing.
- Exquisite writing about your travels.
- Well haggled on the blankets!

Sounds like you are settling in fine. Lovely view from your room.

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