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Because I am a strong woman with fire in her belly who respects and supports all fellow strong wild women around the world I want to encourage more women to open themselves to the world and take a bite.


Try traveling on your own, even if it is only for one night. Learn to move about the world as a woman who is dancing in it, not just merely walking through it. Do more than just live in your skin: PULSATE IN IT.

Be the goddess you are meant to be.

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Your post made me want to jump up and do the whole "hear me roar" thing that included stamping my foot and just run around! It's all there waiting for us, you know? No fear, conquer it. I think it just takes once, one experience of that independence, that lights the fire.

And then the fire starts burning, and there's no way to put it out. You can only quell it a little.

But it just doesn't go away. We ARE women! Demand the world hear the roar!


And strong women love strong men to dance with...


Do you think maybe that's why the flamenco is a dance that, just watching it done right, sets your blood to pumping, pulsating and boiling? :-)

i love this image. "be the goddess your meant to be" such an inspiration


Thanks, Gisela! Yes, be the goddess you are meant to be. There is nothing more divine nor more beautiful than that.

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