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It's all about balance...

I am free. I finished my five day photo shoot yesterday and it kicked my butt. I have bruises up and down my backside and legs. I sliced a finger to the bone cutting up ginger for the star photographer who wanted carrot, apple, and ginger juice every day. You remember the handsome photographer I mentioned before? It turns out his girlfriend is a freakin’ super model. Figures!

I got a call to assist Anthony's yoga class over at City Yoga this morning and I gladly took it. It was a total vacation for me after a long week of 10-12 hour days! It was almost shocking how easy it was for me to jump back in and I realized how much I have learned. I was on fire! Anthony, who I adore, told me after class that I am damn good at what I do. He always did support me and he told me I'd be a great teacher one day.

I am becoming one now...

I am creating great balance in my life. Slowly but surely, it is finding me.

More on my upcoming trip to Antigua Guatemala below!

I had a woman come up to me after class and tell me she wants her father to come to me. She said her father had a stroke recently and she thought I'd be kind to him and really help and comfort him. I can't tell you how much that moved me. It means that all the hard work and time and money and commitment has paid off. I wanted to be a teacher to connect to people and to help them. I am humbled today that there are those that recognize how far I have come. This part of my life is a gift to me...

I am spending today looking into hotels for my trip to Antigua Guatemala at the end of the month. I am really excited to be going on this journey. I must confess that I do get tired of people thinking places like Italy are the be all to end all. Whilst I do love Italy, I think of myself as a woman of the world. There is so much I long to see, taste, do and experience. I refuse to live in a box and follow a pack. I am an adventurer.

I am thinking of just booking my first night or two in Antigua so I can take some time to explore hotels there and see if I can find a place that just feels right to me. It’s so much fun to go to a new place and hotel shop. I’ve done it in Paris a couple of times now and it was great fun! So far in Antigua I like Casa Rustica ($29 a night), Casa Cristina ($27 a night), Posada la Merced ($25 a night), Hospedaje El Pasaje (only $10 a night!), Ashanti's Place ($18 a night), Casa de Huespedes Los Arcos ($12 a night) and Quinta de las flores ($60 a night) or Casa Encantada
($65 a night) as a possible *splurge*.

Now if you really want to do it up in Antigua the place to go is
Posada del Angel. It's where my man Bill Clinton stayed when he was in town. I just talked with a friend who stayed there and she said it's fabulous.

Off to the Traveler’s Bookcase to buy a book on Spanish!


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Ignore those "third world" comments Kathy. Perhaps there's a force guiding you to Guatemala or maybe it's simply wanderlust. No matter the reason, kudos for being a receptive and confident individual. And congratulations too on earning the respect of your students and instructors.



Thanks for that. It means a lot to me...truly.

Funny thing is I just got off the phone with a dear friend who is also a serious solo traveling chick. She's so excited about my trip she said if I love it she'll join me there in the winter. I am lucky to have people in my life who get me!


Okay, I'm just going to say " yes you are!" and that covers just about most of what you just posted ;-) Go go go go!

I'm so glad you got to do the class. It sounded like something you needed desperately. They are, indeed, lucky to have you. You do have a way, most obviously, of knowing what they will need, and giving it freely, kindly and gently, and with the peace and love inside you that you have acquired through this and through it all.

I'm still holding you to a class in Edinburgh! Or wherever :-) And now I need to go look at all those new links.


I think after you've experienced enough loss in your life you sort of have two choices. You can either close yourself off to the world and wither away, or you can open yourself wide to the world and yell, "Here I am!"

I choose the latter. ;-)

Hi Kathy,

A friend of mine is going to Hawaii to to a yoga teaching course. It is a yoga that you practice in a room of 40 degree celcius. I can't remember her name but she said that when she is through she can come back and live in Paris and teach. I'd love to take a course from you.




That's Bikram yoga your friend is doing then. I'm not personally a fan of it as I don't like doing yoga in extreme heat. Not my thing!

I'll be coming over to Paris and I'm sure teaching a class or two there eventually. I'd LOVE to have you in my class. I promise you it will be great fun. I love to play when I teach!

I love that you're dancing in Paris these days. That's just fabulous...

My goodness that Casa Encantada looks luxurious!
I have been watching Antigua, Guatemala youtubes. Fascinating!


Can I come with? I am starving for adventure.



You know you can come with me anywhere. We've lived many lives whilst we've known one another. You are my people!

Perhaps one day we'll do a retreat together in that part of the world, or in Italy, where you can teach Pilates and I'll teach yoga. We'd have a fabulous time of it, I'm sure.

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