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Some favorite things I'm taking to Guatemala

I am leaving in less than a week for Guatemala so I thought I'd share a few favorite things I'm bringing with me. I am a woman who is both stylish and practical. I happen to love my special treat things as well. They make the trip a little sweeter.

1. Lesportsac Big Weekender Bag - I got it on sale for a song! It is made of the most divinely lightweight material, is incredibly durable and long lasting (I've owned these suckers for years) and can roll up in a ball to come with me in my suitcase so I can load it up with travel purchases like textiles from Guatemala. It is also the only bag I need for a weekend trip.

2. Be Present Agility Pants -
I just finally broke down and bought a pair of these at my yoga studio. They are made of a wonderful lightweight breathable material, are incredibly long lasting, and are utterly fabulous for doing yoga. They are hip looking enough to wear around on a casual day and are incredibly flattering on. They have these great slits up the back leg to just below the knee. I like bringing something I can wear for yoga but that I can hang out in as well. Every serious yogi chick I know owns them.

3.Birkenstock Kairo Sandals -
I swore I'd never wear Birkenstocks but these babies are foreplay for the feet! The makeup and wardrobe women on the last photo shoot I did wore these every day. Smart chicks know fashionable can mean comfortable too.

4. Seven For All Mankind Jeans - Because they truly are the only jeans I wear. I like my jeans classic like my men.

5.Seda France travel candles- I take candles with me wherever I go as they soothe and relax me. I'm a fan of these in gardenia.
6. Kiehl's Musk Oil - I like a scent on occasion and I refuse to haul around a bottle of perfume. I love my oils and I love this one in particular as it is so sexy and earthy. It also travels well.

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Oh my goodness I love that bag! It would be just perfect for me, as it's absolutely the right size. I could fit everything I need in there. Does it get at all heavy, or is it still nice and lightweight once you put stuff inside?

And those sandals and slacks, my you're the stylin' one!

Musk has always been the only fragrance I can handle due to being "overly sensitive" to perfumes. It's very light, yet wonderful!

You're ready ;-)


I can't wear heavy perfumes as I'm "overly sensitive" as well. I can handle the Coco Chanel, but that's pretty much it in the perfume world. I really dig my oils anyway. I love the natural ones as well.

The Lesportsac is feather light and only gets as heavy as what you put in it. It feels like parachute material. I also use their smaller bags for cosmetics and toiletries. They last forever!

Your list makes me want to go shopping. I'll have to make my own list for Italy.
I can't wait to read about your travels to Guatemala.
I need to get those sandals. I live in flip flops and they should be so stylish.


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