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The joy of Wildlife

I am a woman who finds great joy in observing wildlife in its natural habitat. When I was down in La Jolla yesterday I walked down to
Casa beach where the seals hang out and I loved that there were signs everywhere telling the public to stay away from the seals and respect their space! The entire beach was cordoned off so that the seals could play and sleep in peace. As it should be.

Have you seen seals in person? I had not had the privilege of getting this close before and it was a truly magical experience. Although I found the actual town of La Jolla rather uninteresting, watching the seals was the highlight of my trip. It's worth a stop just to see these magnificent creatures!


The seals have this terribly sweet way of bobbing their noses up in the air and floating there like that. It's one of those things that makes you appreciate the simple joys in life. Kathy%20and%20Nancy%20La%20Jolla%20005-1.jpg

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Brava on those photos! Especially that second one ... too cool! Seals are always fun to watch, and I've been fortunate to have lived in a couple places (and visited others) where there were many. I saw some on the coast in Oregon where there were some huge waves -- it was fun to watch them get ducked by the waves and then after a moment, their little heads popped back up.

Glad you got to finally see some!

I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed this post. :)


I love the seals. We're lucky that we get a bit of wildlife in our backyard. The deer were by yesterday and the day before. And the turkeys have returned, very happy that the farmer planted corn this summer. We also have a fox/coyote - we haven't gotten a close enough look at him to know for sure, not to mention the groundhog, chipmunks, and the mice who tried to call my house, home (but we won't mention them for now).


Kim, you know you're teasing me with all of that wildlife talk. ;-)

I can't wait to move back to New England for a while as I long to hang out with the squirrels and birds and deer. Oh, and skunks, raccoons and possums. I just love possums. I once had one living in my dad's house when I was home visiting. Evidently he had been hibernating in the house for the winter and the cats had grown so used to him that they would just bat at him when he walked by. I grew so attached to him that I cried when I had to kick him out!

Leslie [TypeKey Profile Page]:

We had squirrels in our back porch when I was a kid in California. We also had hummingbirds, garter snakes and I remember seeing skunks.

- Exquisite photos of seals!
- I wish I could have that experience.
- I'd love to see a seal.
- I like your photos.
- You're lucky to see seals in person.
- The seal's head out of the water looked cool.
- The seal looked cute.
- The seals are really cute.
- The seals basking in the sun... made me feel relaxed.


Leslie, how great that you have your students exploring the blogging world! I am thrilled that I got to play some small part in this exercise. I am also really happy to hear that they enjoyed my photos. They are so lucky to have you!


Leslie, it's cool but you better keep them away from the Montreal entries ;D



I'm actually overdue for another Montreal installment. Thanks for reminding me. ;-)

Leslie is far too protective of her students to ever let them read Kathy's torrid tales!

Leslie [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Yes, we talked about how Kathy is an adult and she often writes for her adult friends (thank God for that!) :)

She has had three beaut entries recently that the children could relate to and they admired her header and her beaut, original web design look.

We talked about reading things in different blogs that were suitable for us and discussed how to make age appropriate choices. We used the big classroom Smartboard computer with projector screen and learned how to use the archives to search for a particular entry.

They're enjoying following her Guatemala trip planning a lot! :)

Marcelle Pollington:

That was great - the pics and comments. When we used to visit San Francisco we went to Fisherman's Wharf to watch the (well-tended) seals (hugh slug-like creatures, I always thought) basking on their anchored long rafts right there. I still can hear their singular growling-grunting noises as they turned over or were pushed overboard by another seal.
Great memories + Marcelle

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