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Back to work

I am looking forward to sharing so much more about my trip to Guatemala, but am currently back in the midst of a very busy event week! I'm back at Chanel for a couple of days and I have photo shoots and a few evening events to get to as well. It's a week of long days and even longer nights. I come home spent to then dream of the cobblestone streets and sounds of Antigua. I cannot wait to return in January. I will work my backside off until then.

When I return home in the evening I often snuggle in on the couch and watch British mystery series on DVD. It takes so little to make me happy. Add a hot bath and a cup of tea or a nice glass of wine and I'm one happy little tutu. It also takes while to unwind from the craziness of the day.

I did an event this past weekend at a home by the sea that was so grand it really looked nothing like a home at all and more like an ornate Italian hotel. The garage held eight cars and the grounds went on forever as if there was no beginning and no end. A few of us ran to the end of the property (it was so long we were out of breath once we got there) just to take in the splendor of the house. In one word: Spectacular.

I do not envy the people I work for, but I am at times awestruck by the houses they live in.

Off to work then. I have to run a swank little gig tonight and must get ready to be fabulous and in top form!


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Okay, it's been three days ... time for more Guatemala yet?! ;-) :::drumming fingers:::

And I'm sure it doesn't take but a moment for you to get in top form and be fab!

Sorry, tough few days. I've had to face the fact I've been working for someone who has some integrity issues and I am fairly burnt out.

Life ain't for sissies...

Life may not be for sissies, but you ROCK!
I'll look forward to reading your website again in three weeks - I am OFF! Bye!

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