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Fall is upon us

I tend to get very soulful and quiet when Fall sets in and the air changes, the nights grow cooler and the smell of burning wood from neighbor's fireplaces wafts out of chimneys and permeates my street.

Fall is my season. It is the one I was born into and the one that both soothes and heals me. With this in mind I have just come from buying music that best represents this change that occurs within me, this mood that sets in and consumes me at this time of year. I will turn 42 this coming Monday so this is my weekend to re-fuel and prepare for my season and this new year of lightness, discovery and adventure that I hope to have ahead of me.

I live by music. I have stacks and stacks of CD's that represent the many pieces of me, my insides, the corners and sharp edges that make me - me.

I am living Portuguese Fado music at present and am listening to Mariza in particular. Everything about it entices me and makes me feel alive, sensual and hungry. I hope some of you find this new music you're not familiar with and desire to have it in your collection, as I have.

I give you Mariza preforming my favorite - O Gente Da Minha Terra...

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Happy Birthday, I wish a lot of love and friendship in your live...
Big kiss


I love the changing of seasons , lots of Happy Birthday wishes - I am turning 42 next birthday and it sounds like a good number to be !!


Happy birthday my friend! May you have all you dream of.

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