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Introducing Senor Rooster

It's not the best quality as I took it on my wee digital camera, but I love it all the same.

As promised I give you Senor Rooster from Antigua Guatemala...

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I love your little friend! I had one of those in Sicily too, and s/he didn't know how to tell time either ;-)

Nice to finally hear you!


I got to see Senor Rooster just as I was about to leave. He was a seriously handsome fellow and he was huge! I think he jumped up on the roof to say goodbye. It was yet another magical moment in Antigua...

And yes, his clock was surely off. He sang away at all hours of the day!

I just want to say - that I have got so much out of the Antigua Guatemala articles you have written.

I think I really was looking for something different to read about, and Kathy, you provided it.

Thank you!

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