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Leaving Antigua

You know that longing you can get when you leave a place that has captured your mind, body and soul as you realize you are about to leave it behind? That is me today. I am sad to leave this magical place and yet I take comfort in knowing I will be back soon. I am planning to come back in January now. Antigua has seduced me...

My shuttle comes to pick me up in about an hour and a half and Rosario, the proprietress of Casa Cristina, has let me stay in my room until 3.00 pm when I am picked up for the airport. Check out is 11.30 am. They have been incredibly good to me here.

I have so many images to share and a wee bit of video as well. I am overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings as I finish my packing and say goodbye to my lovely room here. I have an entire bag filled with treats for friends and linens for my home. I hope I get away with taking it all on the plane!

So, one last post from Antigua and then I will come alive with words and pictures that I will share once I am home and settled in with my girl cats. Funny, I don't miss my things at all. I only miss my baths, my tea and my cats. I realize I can be a wonderfully simple person when I get past the layers of pretty shiny things. I am a whole person, you see. I have become fuller and more authentic, have peeled away some layers and gone deeper because I have been here.

I bid you goodbye from Antigua then. With a quiet mind and heart wide open I bid her goodbye as well...


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I'm so glad you got to have this wonderful experience. May you have a safe flight home. :)


awwww :-(

I am so glad that you found a place that sounds so amazing and that touched you in this way. It sounds absolutely enticing, and now another place to add to my list!

It is a wonderful thing when we open ourselves to discovering ALL the places in this world that hold so many beautiful things. It changes us, and gives us so much when we allow it.

Have a safe journey home, and I'm very much looking forward to hearing more and to seeing all the photos, and even the wee bit of video!

Deborah Horn:

A lovely good-bye post! I've enjoyed reading of your brief but shining visit.
I look forward to your full report and photos!


It sounds like you had a fantabulous time, Kathy!

I loved your blog entries and look forward to seeing all of your photos.


I love this post!

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