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More from Antigua

I have been busy being social and remiss in not posting on my blog. Sorry!

I have met a lovely woman in my hotel, Paula, who was in from NYC teaching a yoga teacher training out on the lake (check her out at Reflections Yoga Retreats). She's become a confidant and great partner in crime here in Antigua and we are off again tonight to go to an art opening and then have dinner. I see good chat and fine wine in my future!


I met up with Judy's (Diva from Slow Travel) friend Nancy here in Antigua yesterday morning for breakfast. She's good fun and we had a great time talking about life and then some. Her organization FOTOKIDS is putting up the photography exhibit tonight at the oh so swank Casa Santo Domingo. She invited me to come and I'm bringing Paula. Good things happen when you leave yourself open to anything and everything! I'm off to her house tomorrow for tea as well. Have I mentioned that I've met some really special people here?

I've been to the markets to get a few more things for my apartment and am now completely over haggling over prices. It was fun in the beginning, but now I have no patience for it. Like any great love affair the newness has worn off and I am back to the daily bump and grind. I surely did get some great deals though. Happy me.


But oh, the things you see in those markets. All of the colors and life around you and the native people with the running commentary on what you need to buy. It really is great fun to wander around them. I did it again today just for the energy of it all. And really, I must confess that I have said Gracias so many times now that I truly think if you cut me open pure cane sugar would come pouring out of me. Seriously, I'm not used to being so bloody sweet!

The sky opened up again today at about 2.00 pm and it rained cats and dogs. I was in a little shop where a very kind man was making me a necklace and I sat there with the doors open as he made it, waiting for the storm to pass so I could get back to my hotel.


Once the rain calmed down I made my way back towards my hotel only to encounter a river that I could not cross. The main street before my hotel was a sea of brown water and we all stood there along it wondering how to get across. A kind man saw my dilemma and hailed a tuk tuk which is a small cab. It looks like a golf cart almost. He had the driver drive me across the street and drop me on the other side. I love being a woman at times. Yep. All that and the sweet man who cleans and helps run my hotel took my hand washing down from the clothesline upstairs and laid everything out on my bed for me. I was afraid I was coming home to soaking wet clothes. Have I metioned how much I LOVE my hotel, Casa Cristina?!

I am off to see if my friend Senor Rooster who resides behind my hotel is ready to serenade me again. I have video of him singing that I will put up when I return to LA. He's a flirty little rooster man. I've grown rather attached to him.

I bid you another good evening from Antigua...

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How great to read about your trip! Many of us ST'ers are anxiously following your blog and I am definitely one of them! I am thrilled that you like Antigua and it looks like you are making the most of it.

Stay dry!


Hi Kathy,
Antigua sounds wonderful and is reminicient of Patzcuaro. I look forward to reading more of your travel and can't wait for the rooster video!

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