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A shout out to my man Al Gore

Because sometimes fighting the good fight is worthy of great recognition.

Al-Gore-4.jpgNobel Peace Prize winner, environmentalist and man to be reckoned with.

Image by James Rexroad. Thanks James for creating such a brilliant photo!

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Yay. Love him. He is living proof to the world that America is more than George Bush and consumerism. A country that can produce a man who informs and does more about global environmentalism than all the Green Parties of Europe combined can't be all right wing nasty.

We will survive this administration and it will be people like Al Gore that help us do it.

Bless him.


You go that right, Sista!

He is the real deal and even after winning the election(yes, the people elected him) and then having to walk away without the presidency, he did something remarkable and put his money where his mouth is and found another even more productive path to make a clear and substantial difference in this world.

Bless him indeed.

Al Gore didn't invent the INternet, but he did make up Global WArming. HE's a scam artist, and is only taking away time, money and energy away from legitimate pollution concerns.

CO2 is not a pollutant , and does not cause warming, nor is there a positive correlation.

Kathy :

Bill, you can't be serious. Global warming doesn't exist? What rock are you living under and who is paying you to say such nonsense? Good grief...

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