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E-mail scams

OK, I am sick to freakin' death of getting these daily e-mails from some dude in Nairobi or London or from the desk of some bloody estate manager telling me I've got millions of dollars coming my way if I pay some transfer fee or some such nonsense. I get dozens of these things every damn day now!

I will seriously do some butt kicking if I ever cross paths with one of these scammer idiot scumbags. And there are gullible people who actually fall for these scams! I've read stories about people who have lost everything because they didn't use common sense. They have had their entire life savings wiped out by these people. It appears money, or the promise of it, can make people do some very foolish things indeed.

They have gotten so tricky they actually sometimes use your last name to say someone with the same last name as you has left you money. Sneaky little scamming suckers!

Look, I won't even answer my door to strangers. When those annoying religious people come around all dressed up knocking on my door and try to foist their beliefs on me I tell them to step away from my door and I mean business! I can save myself, thank you. I have a handle on my own salvation.

Yes, I'm hardcore, I admit it. My personal time and my personal e-mail accounts are my own. When people try to invade my personal space I bite and I bite hard.

So, if you get one of these scam e-mails from some guy named Yusef Hasu or some such name and he's telling you that someone has left you his estate and all you have to do is send along your bank account details and pay a small transfer fee, don't be a silly fool and fall for it.

There is no pot of gold at the end of that rainbow! Hit delete!!!!

Then say a little prayer that they get uncontrollable explosive diarrhea for a month followed by a whole year of serious butt twitching.

Peace, love, om...

I dare one of these people lacking in integrity and honor to come to my door, get in my face and try to pitch me one of their scams. They might just lose a limb.

Chomp, Chomp.


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I keep getting offered a free Sony Vaio laptop, it's as if the scammers are READING MY MIND! "Come on, click on it, we KNOW you want one!" Bloody scary!
Happy Saturday morning from Australia!

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