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Hell comes to Southern California

Every year when the Santa Ana's blow, things dry up and the heat rises, we face the very real possibility of fires here in Southern California. Well, Mother Nature is raging and she's screaming at every dry piece of brush or house she can get her hands on.


I can smell the smoke in the air, feel the dry heat and ash banging away at my sinuses and lungs and there is a certain darkness in the air. And it pains me to think of the animals scrambling to find a safe place to go amidst this madness. Houses can be lost and rebuilt, but lives are lost forever...

One million people have been displaced thus far. Try and get your head around that.

May all affected stand strong and find a way to get through this hell burning around them.

Someday, and with some time, this too shall pass...




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That's an incredible photo to put some perspective on this for those of us outside of it. Every time I hear of fires in places such as, and personally while going through those in Arizona as well, I always think of the animals and it hurts. They are in the middle of it.

Stay safe, my friend.


I can't even tell you the pain I feel thinking about the animals who can't escape this. I hurt to my bones...

Good God, this brings back back memories from four years ago.
I hope it stops soon in California!

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