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Home sick

I've been busy doing photo shoots and events and dealing with family crap. It's been a stressful time and it finally hit me in my belly. Between the stress and some funky food that gave me a wee bit of food poisoning I have been down for the count at home drinking mint tea and praying to the healing gods to de-swell my belly, take away the maddening pain and free me from my intimate relationship with the loo. I even had to bow out of working a photo shoot today as there was no way I could deal with food in this condition.

Me no likey...

I'm not a happy little tutu today. Nope.


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Barb Cabot:

I missed meeting you at the GTG in Palm desert. I enjoy reading your very honest and touching blog entries. You write from your heart. I'm sorry that you aren't feeling well. I hope you are feeling better soon. Tea sounds good. Sending good thoughts your way, a fellow slow traveler.

Oh you poor tutu! Sending you {{hugs}} from far, far away! Glad you have comforting cups of tea - whatever would we do without them!


Hope you start feeling better IMMEDIATELY!

Thinking of you . . .


Thank you all for the warm wishes...

I can't wait for this to pass (pun intended) so I can have a proper glass of wine and some real food!

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