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I'm teaching a restorative yoga class!

I have been so busy with events I have had no time for my yoga. This is hard for me as it is a delicious part of my life and the part I need to grow.

OK, so I've committed to one class a week at Hollywood Gym here in Los Angeles. It's a real gym that specializes in boxing, but they have some good classes there (I'm going to be working out there myself). My dear friend Holly asked me to take over her class and was, well, fairly relentless about it. I so adore her for that. She is teaching yoga and Pilates full time and still has several classes at Hollywood gym herself. I highly recommend this lovely former ballerina friend of mine. She is damn good and knows her stuff.

As I always need the balance in my life of teaching and still doing events, writing, etc., one class a week is perfect for me right now. I'll eventually rent a small space and teach more of my own private classes, but this is a good fit for me at present. I'll still keep subbing classes for friends as well. They have been very kind to me and have given me total freedom to teach whatever I want and I am choosing to teach a restorative yoga class as I believe Sunday is the day of rest. We all need a day to go within, find some peace, relax and renew.

The first time I took a restorative yoga class I was so blissed out afterward I couldn't stop talking about how amazing I felt. So, I call it BLISS YOGA. It's all about opening the heart, relaxing and re-centering. I also give yummy adjustments that help you stretch and expand. It will be playful as well. Life is far sweeter when plenty of silliness is involved.

So, I'll be at Hollywood Gym on Sunday nights at 5.00 pm from here on out. It's an hour class and if you say you know me, Kathy, you get in for $10 (it's usually $15). I think I'm worth it...


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That is just so cool! You sound so excited about it, and I know you'll give it your all. Your students will be the better for having had you as their teacher! If I was there, I'd have been signed up already :-) It will be a wonderful class, I know it.

I read an article recently about more and more places (lodging) that are having yoga getaways as part of their packages. Read about one in a Med country -- right there on the water. What a blissful way to spend a holiday! I think you should be a traveling yoga instructor.


Did you say traveling yoga instructor? I do believe I'd be very happy doing that!

Actually, I hope to do retreats eventually. I want to throw all of the things I love together and offer a retreat where you can enjoy all of them. One day...


Yep, I surely did say that! With your new little citizenship, you could go all over the place here, plying your trade! How cool would that be?! It'd give you a chance to find out where you really want to settle, and you may find that by doing that, you'd find that perfect place for your retreat...

Occasionally, once in a great while, my little brain cells fire and I come up with a half-decent idea ;-)

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