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More thoughts on Antigua

I have never been so moved by a place that even before I leave I am planning my return. My time in Antigua had that effect on me.

A friend recently asked me what I found so special about Antigua, what the draw was. I think for me it was the sensation I got being there. I felt grounded. There was something about being surrounded by volcanoes that was very centering and somehow deeply rooting. I am also drawn to the pace, the slowness of things. There is a sense of taking things in a sort of slow motion in Antigua.

There is more, of course. The food, the kindness of the people, the architecture and the light all had a profound effect on me. I plan on returning in January and am looking into spending a chunk of time there. It is something I would really love to do. And I'll be studying Spanish! Learning a new language is always a beautiful thing. My short time in this country has inspired me to do so.

One can find peace in a place as simple as a room in a small hotel with the sunlight shining in through the windows after a rain storm.


I did.

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Thank you :-)

You know, a friend just told me to "spin the globe and go learn a new language". It does sound like an enticing place, your Antigua. So many places in this world are enticing -- but the question is how to choose?

You have found your new soul-soother, and that's a wonderful thing! I'm looking for mine. Maybe it will hit me on my own trip to a new, far-off place I'm going to visit.

If not, then perhaps I'll go learn Guatemalan, solely on a recommendation ;-)


I think like love, we stumble upon these things. We find ourselves in a place we've never been before and it somehow feels just right to us.

I had an old friend from childhood tell me I live the Bohemian's life tonight. He said he thinks it's great. I rather think it is as well...

Here's to love, life, travel and pleasures yet to be revealed!

"The food, the kindness of the people, the architecture and the light all had a profound effect on me."
It's funny - the exact same things have an effect on both of us...

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