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Poetry is life

I am seeking solace in poetry at present, as I always do really, and this poem in particular is resonating within me today. It is one of my favorites. I think we've all experienced this place, this feeling, at one time or another. I know it has meaning for me.

A life without poetry is a life without light. I can lose myself for hours in a good book of poetry. But then I live for words...


By Shushanig Gourghenian

I wanted to welcome you
into my soul like a god,
lost and road weary
to hear you calling this home.

I wanted to restrict
the nightingale to but one
garden. And keep his free
songs for me

I wanted you jailed
in my breast as part
of the flow of my blood,
the sway of my

I wanted when I died
my name carved
on that hardest of monuments
your heart of


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