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An afternoon at Farmers Market LA

When I get to funking and feel out of sorts, I try to find an escape from my daily routine. Today I headed over to the Farmers Market here in LA and ordered up my favorite Gyro sandwich from Moishe's. They're not exactly friendly there (think big scary women with attitude), but they serve up some mighty fine chow. A Gyro and a fresh squeezed lemonade from Coffee Corner and I'm golden.


While I was sitting there eating my fabulous and fairly massive Gyro, some pigeons came over to hang out with me. Feeding pigeons is also a nice defunking remedy. I happen to love pigeons. I get all giddy and girl like when I feed them. I also happen to come from a serious bird feeding family. It's in my blood.

I love the Farmers Market because I feel like a tourist in another country. All walks of life come out to lounge and play and there really is something for everyone. I love my public solitude so I enjoy eating out solo and people watching. This a great place to do just that. Hit it late afternoon or early evening and it really is pretty perfect.


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hey persnickety chick, I talked to this lawyer who said funking is not constitutional and has been declared illegal on weekends. better snap out of it.


I can funk if I want to so bite me.

Hey, don't you owe me a birthday meal? Get your butt up here and take care of your best gal friend!

I hope Alaska was fabulous. Welcome home. :-)

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