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In the seat of the teacher

So I taught my second restorative yoga class yesterday. I did a day long yoga therapeutics workshop at City Yoga on Saturday and then taught my class last night. I have to say it all just feels really yummy to me. While I sell my class as a bliss experience for my students, and they keep telling me it is (I thank them for that), I get as much out of it as they do. Sharing myself with my students is a joyful experience for me. I get to step out of my own sometimes crazy world and just be there for them. This is a good thing.

I had a student tell me after class last night that I massage the places on the body most people overlook. I had my students in a supported Savasana (bolster or stack of blankets supporting the back), the most restful pose, and I gave them all head, neck and ear massages. I know I love this myself so I am happy to do it for my students - truly. I even incorporate some acupressure into my adjustments as I know how amazing it feels. I can't even begin to tell you how rewarding it is to feel someone's energy settle and to feel them relax and let go. After all the training and investment in this part of my life I have to say I have not one regret. It is is all so wonderfully worth it.

Once upon a time this little tutu realized she wanted to be a teacher. She also knew she wanted to help heal people and provide them with a little comfort and care. It's amazing what we can achieve when we just dive in.

May we all allow a little more bliss into our lives. We deserve it!


By the way, I've been playing this CD, Shavasana by White Swan Yoga Masters during my classes and it really helps to set the tone for a restful and blissed out experience. I highly recommend it to any yoga teachers out there or to anyone who wants to have a CD for home meditation or a home restorative practice. It's a great CD to simply chill out to as well. I actually have it on in the background as I write this.



Edited to add: OK, the CD is so relaxing I actually fell asleep on the couch with it on after I posted this. I took a seriously blissful cat nap with my cats. It's THAT good.

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Um ... Kathy? Could you please come over here to London for a visit??

Um, Maria? I'd be happy to!


Okay, see you soon! I'll be really looking forward to the yoga thing you've described, 'cause I really need it!

Your students must be thanking their lucky stars that they have you! :)

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