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The Art of Integrity

If a friend of yours who was in a relationship, with someone you liked no less, continued to try and pick up other people and use you to do so, would you go along with it? Would you enable that person? Would you go along out of some sense of loyalty? Would you stand by them as they set out to hurt another human being who was unaware of what they were doing or would you tell them to knock it off?

I pose this question because this question was presented to me recently and after mindfully thinking about this I am damn clear that I am not someone who could do such a thing. I say nay. I believe in living an honorable life and I pride myself on my integrity. Lead by example, I say. And do unto others, right? And be careful when you dance with Karma: she's tricky.

My thinking is when you support someone you know is being deceitful, hurtful or cruel you are, in fact, a co-conspirator. Think on that for a minute. That calls your own integrity into question and I believe it shows a lack of honor. Seriously.

In a world so filled with deception and greed, I think we all, every one of us, has an obligation to set the bar higher for ourselves and those around us. I do not mean casting judgment on others or somehow saying we are better than anyone else. We are all flawed beings, after all. But that does not mean we have to accept being less than we are to help support those around us do bad things. That's just f *cked up.

I am now wise enough to know I can only have people in my life that I trust and feel safe with. I would hope if I were to stray off my path and wander into troubled or dangerous waters my friends would not follow me into the choppy seas but rather encourage me to find my way back to still waters. Stilling one's mind is no easy task. There will always be temptations and desires that can turn even the strongest of us into broken and self destructive people if we aren't more careful and self aware. We are not responsible for anyone else's behavior...NO. We are responsible for looking ourselves in the mirror at the end of every day and taking responsibility for what we see.

Encourage light, not darkness.

On the path to peace we are the masters of our own journey. I say make each step a mindful one...


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The reputation of a thousand years may be determined by the conduct of one hour. ~Japanese Proverb

In the end, what remains is our honour and integrity.

And Maria, I will say I have found nothing turns me on more than an honorable man with oodles of integrity.

They really are quite delish.


Oh I am so with you on that one! ;-)

But, you know, it is true. Who would you (the proverbial, of course) want to be with more -- the dishonourable person with no integrity? Or the one who makes you feel good about your own self, and feel relaxed, and feel that you are treading lightly and on the good path, just by being with them? It is the one with honour and integrity that makes us feel so. We are influenced by who we are with.

I know which I choose :-) I'll take the true soul any day.

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