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Lakshmi the goddess of love, beauty and fortune

There is a little girl in India who was born with a condition called Ischiopagus. Her mother bore a twin who died in the womb and little Lakshmi absorbed what was left of her twin. When Lakshmi was born several years ago she was named after the beautiful Hindu goddess Lakshmi, who herself was multi-limbed. Little Lakshmi has become revered by many as a deity.

She is just now undergoing an incredible operation that could possibly free her of the extra limbs and organs and turn her into a fairly normal little girl.

I'd like to think she is a miracle child. Perhaps she is touched by the goddess Lakshmi in some small way. Why not? Life is rich with oddities and complexities that we can never fully comprehend. And a little girl with an amazing smile might lose the extra limbs she was born with, but I think she's a perfectly beautiful being as she is.


Be well small goddess.

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Oh what a smile! I wonder if she knows something we don't.

I bet she does and I bet it's incredible.

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