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No politics here, thank you

I grew up being told you vote for the person, not the party. My dad, rest his soul, used to support the Republican Senator John Chafee who was the former secretary of the Navy. He was also a friend of my father’s and my dad said John was a fair and honorable man. I believe that he was. That said, we generally voted for the liberal candidates overall being the progressive and forward thinking family that we were. I confess the very first person I voted for when I turned 18 was Jesse Jackson. My family walked my butt down to the firehouse and said....VOTE. In my family it was a duty. Thank god I was raised with the idea that my vote matters. It does.

I was fortunate enough to meet Jesse Jackson and hang out and talk with him a few years back. We met up in the airport as we were both taking the same flight back to Los Angeles. We had one of those conversations that began in Chicago and ended in Los Angeles. We both agreed that we had never seen our country more polarized. I told him he was the first person I had ever voted for. He asked me what I did to keep my body in such good shape.

No matter who they are men will always be men. At least there are some things I can always count on. Amen.

The thing is I'm sick to death of politics these days. That some man seems to think he can dictate what I do with my body is beyond me and what really makes me twisty is that this seems to have become a real issue for many in deciding who gets the support of their party. Crazy shit if you ask me. Seriously.

To be honest most politicians are the same to me. Just a bunch of talking heads giving some variation of the same script and pandering to the party they have decided they want to belong to. Nothing pisses me off more than someone giving up their innate beliefs to get the vote. What's the difference between a prostitute and a politician, you ask? Not much these days, I'd say. They can both be bought for a price... BIG TIME.

I like people who walk the walk and have something powerful and meaningful to say. I just haven't seen it thus far. I just see and hear a bunch of talking heads spewing out the same nonsensical poop I've heard again and again. All of that posturing is exhausting. It makes my brain hurt.

Someone, anyone, surprise me. Show me there is still hope for us. I’ll buy you a lollipop.


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You are so perceptive. I really enjoyed reading this post and sometimes I think it's eerie the way our thoughts seem to coincide.
From the small issues to the large ones, I too am affronted frequently by what others attempt to dictate to me, that they want to insist I do.
It may be only 6.16am, but you have made my morning. :)

Leslie, I so hear you. And don't we often see things with such wonderful clarity in the early waking hours?

I was raised to question authority and I will never stop doing so. I don't let people dictate what I do and what I feel. No bloody way...

Kathy, I always enjoy reading your posts, and this was such a good one! Keep speaking your mind, you have a wonderful perspective on life.

Amen sistah.

We haven't had a walk the walk talk the talk person in the public eye for ahile. Jesus? Ghandi? Siddartha? Mandela? Somehow fitting George Bush or Hillary into this category is profane.

I voted voted for JJ too. Not surprised that he wanted to know all the secrets of your body. I tend to be drawn to the more sexually stimulated candidates (Kennedy, Clinton, Jackson). At least they are alive and can't change ONE aspect of their character...

And men who try to legislate what we can do with our bodies? This is one of the rare cases where the death penalty might come into question. Just kidding of course. Or not.

Keep writing, dear.


I couldn't agree more about the "sexually stimulated candidates." I fully admit that I like a sexy president. I've met Bill Clinton (twice in fact) and I remember the moment he caught my eye and extended his hand to introduce himself to me I almost came undone. That man could bottle sexual magnetism. Oh yes...

Kathy, back in 1990 I was in the Polo Lounge at the BH Hotel with a bunch of colleagues from the deep south. Suddenly a really good looking man walked in surrounded by four extremely good looking and well dressed African American men. Conversation in the entire bar stopped. I asked, out loud, who is THAT? (leave it to someone from the east to say something that stupid in LA). My boss, a Georgian, said, Way-ell, ah think it's Billy Clinton, governor of Arkansas, they SAY he's gonna run for president. SHO NUF a few months later we all knew who he was. He was a show stopper back then. I never got to shake his hand, probably better that way....

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