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A little romance goes a long way

And often when you find that you are really pretty damn happy just being on your own - there it is. Funny thing that.

And perhaps it's because you are finally so blissfully content on your own that you are actually in a place to enjoy it for what it is. And really, shouldn't these things be that simple?

Sometimes they are...


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Yes it should! You know, they say we can't be happy with anyone until we're happy with and on our own.

I can imagine the little grin on your face right about now -- Or would that be a smirk of satisfaction? ;-)

Have yourself a blast!

A little play time is a very good thing... ;-)

Barb Cabot:

I have always loved this photograph. Thanks for posting and happy to hear things are going well for you. Here's to Peace and Love!

Yes, you are very perceptive and you are saying what I have been saying and thinking for some time.

We all need/require/crave/enjoy a little bit of romance in our lives, and sweetie, it can come in all forms and shapes. :)

It can be a date, a new man, a little bit of what you fancy, and sometimes it's just a fine ol' romantic moment in time.

Stop and sniff the Chanel, raise that wine glass in a toast, smile at the pretty face in the mirror and damn well pat that fine cat that doesn't require baby sitting when you're out or a college education.

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