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Photo Shoot hell... again!

Yes, it is true. I am back in the thick of yet another week of catering photo shoots that have me getting to the kitchen as early as FIVE AM some mornings. I suck at five am! I'm no good getting to work when it is STILL bloody dark out. And it's not like I can go to bed early the night before. Nope. Getting up at 4.00 am? Totally evil and wrong...

So, once I've gotten through this week I will have something meaningful and profound to say. Right now I'm just cranky and tired. I am thinking about the trip I'll take out of the country come January or February and I must confess that keeps things in perspective. And let's face it: I like hard work. I like the days off after these kick-my-butt stretches because I know I've earned them.

Last week was a tough week as I had to deal with exceptionally persnickety euro asses (there are bad lots in every bunch) who didn't make requests they freakin' barked at me. I took it all with grace and tried to rise above. Rising above ain't always easy, let me tell you. My secret is that I have mastered the art of pretending I can't hear someone when they are being dicky. I make them keep repeating themselves until I finally decide to acknowledge them. Bad wicked me.

Excuse me, what are saying? I can't hear you! La la la la... *big smile*

Off to work then. Come Friday night I'm going to be one tired little tutu...


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Gee, couldn't tell you're cranky ;-)

I love the way you decided to deal with the barking people. What a great solution! Until you decide to speak with some semblance of manners and quit the flippin' shouting, you won't be acknowledged. Sorta forces the issue eh ;-)

Great photo too! It's hard work eating and crunching those things, 'specially when you're just a baby (even if its paws are as big as its little head, how cute is that)!

Maria, my patience was tried on the last photo shoot beyond imagination. The actress on the campaign (think Spiderman) was nothing less than lovely, but let's just say some of the people behind the scenes made me think bad wicked things. BIG TIME.

Oh - I know! I know!

I've had a whole term of it since my trip to Italy and Dubai and it just keeps getting trickier.

Busy, busy busy!

I stalled the car TWICE before I could get it out of the school gates before 4pm this afternoon, I was so tired.

It's one hectic time, isn't it?

Leslie, hectic indeed! I feel like I'm living in a movie with the reel spinning wildly out of control. So much going on! So much to contend with both personally and professionally!


Kathy, if I had a time out, I think I'd just sit there and twitch!

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