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Benazir Bhutto I shall miss you

Benazir Bhutto, the only woman to have ever been Prime Minister of a Muslim country, was brutally assassinated this morning as she was trying to bring democracy back to Pakistan. Pakistan was her country. I am in tears that heartless and faithless cowards could take away such a bright shining light and such an outspoken supporter of the people at a time when the people of Pakistan so desperately need her.

May your message continue to be heard through the voices of the people who stood beside you and may your lightness of being continue to be felt by those you left behind. The world has lost yet another brave spirit and as a woman I have lost one of my heroes and I have so few of them.

I hope that in my lifetime I can live with even one ounce of the courage that this determined and remarkable woman has shown.



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Oh SHIT! Bastards!

Gees Lousie we live in a world gone wrong.

Bastards indeed! And to the person/people behind this slaughter I say this: Your time will come. I can feel it in my bones. You can silence her voice, but not her message.

This news has been so depressing. I think it has it me particularly hard because she was the same age as I am and I have admired her. When I heard the news this morning I was shocked but not surprised. I had hoped it wouldn't come to this but yet it seemed so inevitable. So sad.

Marta, she literally stuck her neck out for her people and the shot to her neck is what killed her. She chose to put her safety at risk to step out of her secure car and stand up through that sunroof to connect to her supporters. She made clear many times that the risk was worth it to her. She was a brave and incredibly determined woman.


Well said. I felt the same way when watching the news. How incredibly sad for the people of Pakistan. A great loss!

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