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To The Tune 'Red Embroidered Shoes'
By Huang O

If you don't know how, why pretend?
Maybe you can fool some girls,
But you can't fool heaven.
I dreamed you'd play with the
Locust blossom under my green jacket,
Like a eunuch with a courtesan.
But lo and behold
All you can do is mumble.
You've made me all wet and slippery,
But no matter how hard you try
Nothing happens. So stop.
Go and make somebody else


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Oh my. Some people are so unsatisfactory. I call them - a waste of space.

They need to start thinking of others and not just themselves.

Love the eunuch reference. Gees, some people just don't have the balls to make a success of something.


This was just too perfect! You know, sometimes it ends up as just a whole lot of wasted time, when you could've been using that time for something, someone, actually worthwhile ;-) At least you had some fun, and now you can move on to bigger and better ... things.
::angelic smile::


Awww, Kathy, I'm sorry!

Sometimes I think it is better just to be alone (with cats, of course).

Ah ladies, it appears you get it. Flowers left on my door step and messages of longing and in the end I find it's more work than play...

*Heavy sigh*

Um, when it's more work than play, then ladies, it's time to call it a day!

"Move aside there! I'm moving on! If I want to waste some more time, I'll do a crossword puzzle."

We must learn to appreciate the lessons in every experience we have. I value every man that comes into my life as I learn something new about myself each time. Even if it is just that I am better off without him...


Such a valuable lesson, even if it does sting a bit -- good for you! :-)

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