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Girl's got game

So after teaching my yoga class on Sunday night I went out for dinner with my good friend Holly, a fellow yoga teacher and fellow hot woman. We went to our new favorite dining spot, Hugo's, near my house in West Hollywood. I had my usual glass of Temprinillo and we hunkered down to talk about the state of things, you know....
girl talk.

Our waiter was a particularly spicy little bite sized snack and he was oh so attentive. We ended up having a great conversation with him about dating and love. It turned out his great love was a yoga teacher as well. Hugo's clearly only hires hotties. It's the place to go when you want to feast on the visual delights that only the yummiest of men can offer.

So there I am, all relaxed and enjoying my quality girl time, and our host comes over to inform us that our waiter likes us one of us. I laugh out loud as said cutie model looking guy is all of 27 years old. I think for sure he must be talking about Holly as I am often oblivious to these things (my male friends tell me this all the time), so I ask him which one of us he likes exactly. YOU he tells me! To that I gave a resounding... NO WAY! I then let out one of those delicious laughs that only a woman with some life experience can let out. The laugh that tells the world you are so aware that you on your game and damn, isn't it fabulous?

Yes, you see there will always be yummy men along the way to tempt me. And I must confess I am so pleased that at this point in my life I find just as much pleasure in being alone with a dear girlfriend who I adore, drinking a fine glass of Temprinillo and laughing wildly like a high school girl.

Life really is fabulous.


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Argh!!! I LOVE it!!!!

Well, I love the whole post but in particular, the BITCH logo. Bloody BRILLIANT!!!

Too cute...sometimes it is just as fun to smell the goodies as it is to taste them...hehe.


You are sooooo HOT!
love it!

I do think we are at our best when we are not trying!

happy holidays doll!

Dan Forman:

You are one of the most insightful and witty people I have ever blogged. And you're not too hard on the eyes either! How do you do it?!?! Too bad you live in LA and I'm down here in New Orleans.

Is that the Danny Forman I knew and loved from back in the day?

And have you not heard of airplanes? You know, those big scary things with bad food and annoying screaming children?

And the years have been kind to me. What can a girl say... ;-)

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