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A cold, a change and rumination

Yes, I have succumbed to the cold going around. After a week of back to back events I got sick last night. Methinks my body is telling me to chill out already. I'm home chillin'...

I'm not working on Christmas day as planned. I was on the fence about it as I don't like the woman I was going to work for and she is beyond demanding. I got a call last night as I was leaving for a client's house that the Christmas day Hollywood housewife had "requested" that I do a walk through at her house on bloody Christmas Eve. I said I was already giving up my Christmas day so the biddy wasn't about to get my Christmas Eve. as well. Then I asked WHY this woman needed a walk through for a family dinner party for all of 26 guests. Well, you see she's having the thing in a tent on her property and there is a serious heating system involved. When I booked this I was told there would be a heating guy there to take care of all of that jazz as Kathy don't do rental/heating stuff. It seems little rich and spoiled Hollywood studio head wifey decided she didn't want to pay the heating guy the $900 he was to get to be on site to handle said heating so she decided I, that's ME, was to do it instead. Excusez-moi??

Needless to say Kathy will not be working for said rich spoiled Hollywood wifey on Christmas day. I said they could find someone else. Yep. I don't do two jobs for the price of one. Fug dat.

I'm also leaving a work relationship with a woman I've been working with who, when you look in the dictionary and find the term passive-aggressive, her name is there next to it all in CAPS. She has a knack for asking you to do things above and beyond what you're hired to do and then always tries to find a way to manipulate you into doing them. Tricky chick. She's a master at the game. Now I know why she can't hang on to her assistants, oh yes. My path no longer finds its way to that door, but I am grateful for the experience. Be peace, I say. Oh, and may you find yourself a good therapist. *big hug*

So, now that I'm free for a while I'm going to get over this cold, spend time with friends, and make some travel plans. I've people to see and places to go. My New Year is going to be a bloody fabulous NEW YEAR. I see bright and shiny things in my future. This chick has plans...

Oh, and my clients from last night asked if they could fly me up to their new house in Berkeley to do an event for them. They'll put me up in their guest house and I can pop around San Fran for a day. I likey!

Did I mention I'm damn good at what I do? I am.

So my thought for the day is this: I have found that in life we must learn to listen to our instincts, trust that wee voice inside and have the courage to say no when no is what needs to be said, or perhaps say yes when an opportunity comes along that lights us up from within and makes our wheels spin. I say be the you that you have always wanted to be. It's really easier than you think...

I say shake things up!


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Gorgeous post and a gorgeous picture. :)

Peace, tranquility and a harmonious New Year to you, my friend.

And a wonderful one to you as well my clever and utterly fabulous friend!

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