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The bump and grind

As Christmas approaches I get busy with events. It is quieter than usual this season and it is clear that the writer's strike is effecting my business. People in LA are spending less money and having fewer parties this year. This strike is effecting so many of us, not just the writers.

I am doing a three day gig for a film studio beginning today and it is pouring rain outside. So, I'll be driving a van full of food in the pouring rain and by the time I get inside to meet and greet the client I'll look like a wet rat. Happy flippin' me.

I then have back to back events leading up to a Christmas day in home event I'm doing for someone I don't even like. I get to cater to a spoiled Hollywood type and I'm only doing it because the money is great and I have plans to travel over the next few months and I am willing to deal with the spoiled princess so I can do bigger and better things for myself. I'll make the most of the day. I'll drink wine and then treat myself to something yummy the next day. It's all about BALANCE, dig?

I started running recently and I am finding it's kind of fabulous to race through the streets with my iPod blasting funk out tunes. Granted I have to stop and pant from time to time as I'm a total lightweight, but I love the feel of being out there alone on the darkened streets. I feel like a panther. We'll see if I keep it up. I'm lazy by nature. I'm really just a big cat.

Off to the rain then. And yes, I actually love the rain. I'm like a cat, after all. I just want to nap or make love to the sound of it. Well, perhaps run in it as well....


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Oh God! That picture is delightful! It is SO good.

I LOVE your blog!



Where do you find those great photos and illustrations?

Hey, don't worry about catering to the princess...it's called business!

Pat, I am an incredibly visual person so I am always looking for images that stir something within me. If it doesn't hit me just right it's not on my blog, dig?

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