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Critic's Choice

I worked the Critic's Choice Awards on Monday and it was so very clear there is a strike going on. Very few name actors attended and I'd have to say most simply sent their reps. The president of Screen Actor's Guild ( and I'm a member) had asked SAG members not to attend the show in support of the Writer's even though Critic's Choice was not a picketed show. I believe his request was in large part honored. Sure I saw Angie and Brad who cruised in last minute and the same goes for George Clooney (presented an award to his comrade Don Cheadle) looking finer and leaner than I have ever seen him and God knows I've seen him plenty over the years of doing these events. Oh, and I had a few words with Javier Bardem *swoon* who was in desperate need of a loo. He is one fine specimen of man. Seriously.


I ran the cocktail reception for the caterer (and he always does an amazing job) as well as the post show after party. This was the first year we had an after party and it was a swank affair. It was tented, a study in white and there were fabulous Flamenco/Salsa dancers and hot little bite sized snack bartenders everywhere. I'm always happy when I see it all come together. I've got this award show thing down.

And I got a kick out of saying hi to my man Snoop Dogg who was a true gentleman and may I add was pimped out true Dogg style.
Fer Shizzle.

After a long day on my feet and screaming into a walkie talkie I needed some down time so I spent a good part of yesterday in bed. I've been sick for over two weeks now so I knew a time out was in order. I took advantage of the day off and dropped my car off to get some long overdue and much needed work done. Almost a grand later and my Volvo runs like a dream. It's all about multi-tasking, no?

Now to book my ticket out of the Country later this month.

I feel some traveling coming on...

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My goodness you lead an exciting life. I love to read about it!

May your travels this year be... fantastic fun for you my friend. :)


I would have killed to see George Clooney! And then I would have swooned! I think he is this era's Clark Gable!


Love to live the L.A. life vicariously through you, my friend. Great pictures and great comments.

I need to come to Cali.....it is so cold and desolate in Maine. George Clooney could warm me up! hehehehe


You're still sick? Man, babe, you need to take better care of yourself. Get thee to a doctor or at least to a couch with some tea and lots of good old movies for a few days.

Kathy Bray:

George is very yummy, you got that right. He's also funny and ridiculously charming...

Kim, I DO take good care of myself! That's the crazy thing! I just got run down working crazy long hours and had a lot of stress all at once and BAM, I got the crap viral thing everyone around me was getting. I am on the mend though. My trip to Guatemala later this month with all of that delicious warm weather will heal me right up - body, mind and soul...

Deb, stay warm and have fun planning that next trip to Italy. And drink lots of tea!

Another George lover here. How lucky you are to get to see him up close!

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