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Hola from Lake Atitlan

I have not been able to get Wi-Fi with my laptop here in this little remote town on the lake called San Marcos. Carlos, the owner of Blind Lemons which is this little restaurant, bar and internet cafe here, was kind enough to let me just plug my laptop in tonight. Truth is, I didn't miss being online. It's nice to "unplug" and tune out for a while. We all need to do that every now and then. Quieting the mind is a beautiful thing. I need more of that in my life. Seriously...

I've been here for three days and I have a room on the lake with a view. It's more like a house as it's so damn big and has a yard that leads down to the water. Breakfast is included and last night I took a sauna (part of my room fee) and it was incredible (all for $25!). This area is famous for the saunas and they look like Igloos and are lit with this delicious smelling wood and a pot of water with these womderful smelling leaves are placed inside and then you are shut in. You just sweat like mad. I was in a bikini and Olivia, the woman I've befriended at Posada Schumann, where I am staying, was in her undies. We kept jumping out and cooling off as the staff laughed at us half naked and dripping sweat. We both went through two large bottles of water and one small one each in an hour! It was just such a magical and cleansing experience...

I've taken a tone of photos and I have so much to share. I took boat/shuttle into Santa Cruz today, an even smaller town, to visit Wendy, the owner of Villa Sumaya, where I hope to hold yoga/relaxation retreats within the year. Villa Sumaya is nothing less than utterly beautiful and it is the perfect spot for what I want to do. You relax as soon as you walk up the hill and arrive on the terrace. You can't help but let go once you're there. The energy is amazing.

I'm taking a boat back to the main town of Panajechel tomorrow to then catch a shuttle back to Antigua. I've gotten the rhythm of how people travel here and I'm even kind of digging the water shuttles. This from the chick who gets boat sick!

More to come. So much more to come....

I bid you goodnight from San Marcos.


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It sounds wonderful, Kathy! Thank you for sharing your adventures with us!

I have never had a desire to visit that part of the world, but you may have changed my mind!

See you soon!


Oh my goodness.... I feel relaxed just reading this and looking at the views.

San Marcos sounds wonderful. It sounds perfect. Thanks for sharing.

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