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Off to Lake Atitlan!

I've had the most wonderful time here in Antigua the last couple of days. My new friend Aziz and I had a grand time out for dinner feasting on traditonal Guatemalan food and then walked down to Meson Panza Verde for after dinner drinks by the fire. The owner of Sangre, the Tapas and wine place I love so much, was having drinks there as well and as soon as he saw me commented on the fact I had been at his place the night before. It's amazing how you run into the same people here all the time and how they fast become friends. I was still hungry after drinks so Asis and stopped in Gaia, the fabulous Middle Eastern restaurant here, where I savored some grape leaves, cucumber salad and fresh mint tea. Heaven...


Today I'm off to the lake and have the shuttle coming to pick me up around noon. It's about a 2 1/2 hour trip and once I arrive there I take a ferry or boat taxi out to the village of San Marcos La Laguna where I will be staying at Posada Schumann in a room with a view of the lake. I just booked it and I'm happy as I really wanted to stay there. They suck at responding to e-mail but a phone call did the trick!

I had the most wonderful massage with my friend Deet yesterday and we then went out to dinner and enjoyed some quality catch up girl chat. For about $14 her hour long massage is like spiritual healing. I actually fell asleep for a while. She's the real deal.

I'll write about my night out last night as good fun was had and Andrea, a flight attendant from San Francisco, joined us for cocktails and all around silliness. I got to hear the Buena Vista Social Club play live here last night! It turns out they fled Cuba and retired here in Antigua. They performed live in Ricki's Bar last night and I even got some video. What a delicious treat!

And let me just say, the mojitos were fabulous...

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Sounds fabulous! Can you upload the video?

Kathy Bray:

Kim, the video is really bad as it was taken on my small camera. i'll upload it just so you can hear it. Consider it an artsy-abstract kind of thing!

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