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On the last day she went slow

I'm heading back to LA tomorrow at the crack of dawn. I have a shuttle picking me up at 5.00 am to make an 8.30 flight.

I don't do early mornings.

I've just come from visiting my massage friend Deet at her house and will be having dinner this evening with other friends who are staying in my hotel. I've just had the biggest menu del dia, or menu of the day, at a little joint called "Cafe El Gringo" where I was sent by a local friend for a true feast for all of 25 Quetzales or about $2.50. I had chicken and rice with potatoes and carrots, homemade tortillas, some freshly baked banana bread and a drink that tastes like hibiscus and cranberry juice. It was out of this world good. You can really eat like a Queen here for a song, let me tell you...

I got soaking wet on the boat back from San Marcos La laguna to panajechel and had to change out of my soaking wet clothes when I got to the dock. The boats are fairly primitive and rustic to say the least. Even with the plastic tarp they gave us, both gringos and indigenous people alike, we still got whomped by the high winds and waves on the lake. Again, I just rolled with it. You can't sweat the small stuff. I can handle a wet butt every now and again. It reminds me how lucky I am to have tons of clothes to change into. The local people on the lake are very poor and seeing how they live puts things in perspective in a very big kind of way.

Off to some tea and some thoughtful contemplation. Well, perhaps some ice cream just to be wonderfully wicked as well.

The shuttle boat on Lake Atitlan


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