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A few favorite images of my time in Guatemala

I'll be posting more photos of this trip and writing more about my experiences there as well. There is so much to share!

This trip was truly a heart and mind opening experience. The moment I arrived in Antigua I came alive and felt so grounded. And Lake Atitlan really does draw you in, just as my friend Paula assured me it would. There really is magic there.

Mayan culture and mythology is utterly fascinating to me...

I give you a wee taste of Kathy's view of Guatemala.

Locals going off to work in San Marcos La Lagunakathy%20tues%20three.JPG

Fountain at Meson Panza Verde Hotelkathy%20tues%20four.JPG

Mojitos, music and mates. A night out at Ricki's bar in Antigua with Aziz and Andrea to hear the legendary Buena vista Social Club perform live.

The glorious colors of Antiguakathy%20thursday%20two.JPG

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Hi! I was looking for a rain image for my desktop because I love rain and anyway I found a picture from you and then started reading. I found your life adventures very interesting. What kind of book do you want to write?
Woodstock Valley Ct.

Kathy :

Hi Helena, I'm glad that you're enjoying my blog. Thanks for your encouragement!

The book I hope to write is in large part based on my life experiences. I've had a colorful life, to say the least. I come from a colorful family. I've been told I should write more and I always find reasons to put things off. I plan on changing that.

I live for words and feel happiest when traveling, adventuring and writing. My hope is to encourage more women to find their own voice and take more risks. I am a huge advocate of solo travel for women. I have found there is no better way to slip deeper into my own skin than traveling on my own to a foreign place. It's like altering. Truly. I have also met the most amazing women along the way of all ages. I've met incredible men as well. I cherish them all...

And don't you just love the rain? I come alive in it!

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