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The man from Holland, fried Manchego and the light

This is my second trip to Antigua and second stay at Casa Cristina. Last trip I met my now dear friend Paula who was also staying in my hotel. This trip I've already made a new friend Aziz, a camera man from Holland, who is staying next to me and studying Spanish here. He's handsome and fun and we have a lot in common. We went out last night and had a late tea and a snack. We walked the nearly empty streets laughing wildly and telling each other stories about our travels. He's a lot of fun. Tonight we're off to dinner and drinks and some quality silly time. I love meeting fellow travelers on my journey's. Good people out there if you allow yourself to let them in.


Special thanks to my girl Leslie for making me this fabulous pic!

I walked the streets for hours yesterday, my first day here, took a nap and then treated myself to my favorite little Tapas place here, Sangre. Fried Manchego cheese with that delish hibiscous dipping sauce and coconut crusted shrimp with a divinely sweet chutney sauce were savored. My waiter treated me to a second glass of wine, a fabulous Tempranillo, and though I only drank a wee bit of it I can tell you it was nothing less than fabulous. Of course he then asked me out, but I have my staple response in these situations now: I'm meeting someone later. Works like a charm! Men can be just too sweet sometimes. Truly...

I still can't speak Spanish and I know I need to get a tutor and get to it already. I'm damn good at improvisation though and often wing my way through by miming what I want. I also make people laugh which is just fine by me. I often lapse into Italian when trying to order food and the occasional French as well. Now if only Spanish would find its way to me!

I haven't been able to upload photos yet but will do later. I'll throw some up when I get a chance. Some of the places offering Wi-Fi have REALLY slow connections.

The light is spectacular here. Last night I watched the clouds move in and the full moon was so clear and vibrant I thought it was a mirage. The light at dusk is so warm and embracing I can't help but smile when I walk the streets. There is magic here. There really is...

Off to another latte and some yogurt, granola and fruit.

Life is so damn good at times, you know?

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Oh it all sounds so great!! I am jealous (the good kind of jealous, I am totally happy for you just wish I were in Guatemala too!)

Enjoy enjoy enjoy!!

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