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A welcome back

After a four hour flight out of Los Angeles I arrived at about 6.30 am in Guatemala City. I then shared a cab with a woman from Australia who was on her way out to the lake to do a yoga retreat. She informed me after we got into the cab that she was sick and that she thinks she might have MALARIA as she was just in Mozambique and was bitten by mosquitos and has been sick ever since. Lucky me! What can you do, you know? You just roll with it...

I got into Antigua by 8.00 and as my room was not ready I dropped my luggage and hauled booty to Rainbow Cafe where I just had a big fat traditional Guatemalan breakfast and am digging on the free wi-fi. There's a cold spell here so I basked in the sun every time I hit an area bathed in sunlight as I made my way down the so very familiar streets of Antigua. I'm like a big cat luxuriating in the heat wherever I can find it. One learns to savor the simple pleasures...

When we drove into town I felt like I was arriving home. I was greeted by Rosario, the owner of my hotel Casa Cristina, with a warm hug and a giant smile. Welcome back, she said. I feel welcomed back indeed.

Next I'm off to the bank to get my Quetzales and then back to the hotel to crash for a while. I have places to go and people to see...

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Have FUN! I will be following your journey and it is great to hear that you are already enjoying yourself!!


I'm glad you made it there safe and sound.

We will be eagerly anticipating your next post!


Is malaria contagious? Ah, forget it, no worries and enjoy! Looking forward to the next installment.


Hey, glad you're there, looking forward to reading about adventures. And all you're missing in LA is a whole week of rain, lucky you.

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