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Slow Bowl 2008!

After just coming back from Guatemala on Tuesday I drove up to Paso Robles CA. for the second annual Slow Bowl wine tasting weekend with my Slow Travel peeps. I hauled booty up to Paso and at the 52 mile sign telling me my wine was near my car stopped accelerating - as I was passing a truck no with one coming at me in the other direction - and I had to nurse it the 52 miles over the hills (think incline city) into Paso at no more than 40 miles an hour most of the way. I was NOT a happy camper. I figured as long as it was still moving my car was going the distance. I had places to go and people to see!

I called my motel from the road, got the name of a mechanic, and when I arrived I got busy making calls and found a guy who said he'd take my car but couldn't check it until Monday. I got a tow, dropped the car off, and met two great guys who invited me for drinks the following night. One of the guys turned out to be the winemaker for one of the wineries we were scheduled to do a private tasting with the next day! Small flippin' world, you know?


So, car dropped, date set and super sweet tow truck guy drove me back to the ranch: The Melody Ranch Motel to be exact. My phone then rang and lo and behold, my car was ready and it was only a hose that came loose! No $1000 job for this little tutu. I did a wee happy dance and asked my girl Wendy and her delightful man Rob to give me a ride to pick up my wheels. The wine gods were smiling on me this weekend. Big time!

Ah, what a fabulous time I had drinking wine with friends and eating mass amounts of food. Bill, the wine maker for Halter Ranch Winery, my mechanic Simon (who is about to bottle his first bottle of wine from his own private label) and Bill's girl Robin joined us on Saturday night for the festivities after I met them for wine at the Pony Club in the new swank Hotel Cheval in Paso. I had drinks with the winemaker for Castoro Cellars as well ( My favorite, thank you) and I told him his ZinFusion this year was rather delish and I was loving the port they released as well (I bought two bottles of that yummy little treat). I've been meeting the coolest people lately.
I'm on a roll...

Good fun all weekend with my dear friends Marcia and David who I regularly hook up with for some food, drink and chat here in L.A. We snuck out and got an early start on Saturday sneaking in a couple of wineries and tastings before we met up with the 40 plus people we played with all weekend. I am so not a white wine fan (the horror), but the Naked Chardonnay from Four Vines Winery was so freakin' good I snapped up two bottles with glee. No oak in that chardonnay people! Wine Spectator was on it: Fabulous...

A special thanks to hoochie mama Deborah (now famous for the homemade hooch she brought us that put hair on your chest, butt and any other body part it could reach) for being creative and making something so fun and unique and damn bloody good. Life is short: make it fun!

I'm part of a really cool group of people who share a love of travel, good food, great wine and quality play time. I dig my people...

Now back to life I go. I'm going back to Guatemala in a month or two and need to continue to map out my future retreat plans. I've more to share about this past trip to Guatemala as well.

Good stuff happening.

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Halter Ranch has turned into one of our favorite stops in the last few years and has become a staple in our house...yum! Thanks for the heads-up on Castoro's port. I'm looking forward to trying it.

Kathy Bray:


Castoro's Port is delish! It's lighter than a normal ruby port and it's actually a bit spicy. YUM. They didn't have it on the tasting menu but poured some as a treat. Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about. I have found my perfect port...

Get some and enjoy!


So funny Kathy!!
But, the hooch tends to singe the hair off for me instead of putting it on.
You'll have to come to the St. Louis GTG when we have it. I'll make a special bottle of Lime just for you.

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