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We've come a long way, baby

Regardless of who you might plan on voting for in the next Presidential election you must admit that the fact that one party has a black man and a woman as its potential leaders is, well, pretty damn amazing. I am reminded that anything is possible in this country of mine if we allow ourselves the opportunity to use our voices and our vote to make a change. Race and gender have nothing to do with intelligence, integrity and strength. This is what I was raised to believe and I feel blessed to have had a father who used his voice to fight for equal rights for all and became a trail blazer as a professor on the Brown University Campus.

I am my father's daughter.

My very first boyfriend from childhood sent me this video today. He knew I'd appreciate it. I do...

The message is universal and incredibly powerful.

Yes, We Can.

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The very first boyfriend from childhood:

Thought you might enjoy that. I Guess I was right.

Kathy Bray:

Richard, you were indeed!

I am very excited to see the possibilities laid out before us. Hope is a beautiful thing...

Great post!! I also LOVE that YouTube video. This is the first time in a long time that I have actually felt that there is some hope. Feb. 19th is our caucus vote in Hawaii. I will definitely be there!

Kathy Bray:


I was seriously thinking of leaving the country as I was feeling so hopeless and fed up. Now I'm thinking I'll stick around, participate and try and help change happen.

Good things brewing. I feel like I finally have something to sink my teeth into. I'm hopeful too!

It is exciting, isn't it? I feel the exact same way.

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